”Clarinetrepairs that speak for themselves” Hermann Stefansson, principal clarinetist in the Royal Philharmonic Stockholm


Thank you Dries for a first-rate renovation of my clarinet from 1936. I haven't played the instrument in 40 years and now it is like new. Tack Dries för ett förnämligt renoveringsarbete av min klarinett från 1936. Jag har inte spelat på den på fyrtio år och nu är den som ny. Thank you cordially! /Roland Söderberg


Nice that there is still a competent repairman in Stockholm! January 2009 I left my clarinets to Jonas Näslund AB for a complete renovation, this time it was Dries van den Poel who did the job. Dries test-played the instruments carefully before he dismounted them which resulted in that after everything was replaced it felt mostly positiv like "before"concerning the pads position, resistance and so on. I was positively surprised by how little adjustments where necessary when I got back the clarinets. I am still very pleased with the result and I warmly recommend Dries as clarinet-doctor! /Per Johansson principal clarinetist in the Helsingborg Symphony-orchestra